Enabling Other’s Addictions

I’m back at the beach this morning to teach two strategy classes, today and tomorrow. Teaching a two day class is a quick trip. I got up at 4:30AM to drive down, always getting in earlier than I need to. I never know what might happen on a three hour trip and I would hate to be late. But an early morning drive, followed by six hours of class makes for a long day. Thankfully my strategy students are all friends I have taught before. For some this is their fourth or fifth class with me. Those people don’t really need the class, but I love that they come and participate again and again.

The thing about teaching to the same audience is I have to tell then new stories. If you know me or you read me, you know that I can make a story from nothing, that certainly is what this blog is. Someone recently told me they have read over 13,000 of my blog posts and she likened it to watching all the seasons of Seinfeld. “You mostly laugh, but when asked what it was about, you really couldn’t say.” That’s high praise for me. If you do nothing but get a chuckle I am happy.

That being said, I don’t have anything particularly funny to write about tonight. I do want to give a shout out to my friend Kate. I am staying at her place at the beach, but she is not here as she is having her second knee operation. Now that is one nice friend who will let me crash in her lovely guest room. I do have the company of her very old, sweet lab Lucy.

One issue with making an early departure is I left the plug to all my charging cables at home. There is a USB port in the bedside clock, as Kate is a superior host, but my iPad has some new “fangled” lightening plug so my life is limited with my iPad. So much for playing Catan before I go to bed. As much as I love Mah Jongg I also love Catan and I blame that addiction on my friend Suzanne. As I said to my Mah Jongg students who came to class today blaming me for their addiction to Mah Jongg, “Hey, at least Mah Jongg is calorie free.”

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