Cookies Are Trouble

I have never been much of a cookie baker. Bars are more my speed. When you make a brownie or a lemon square you put the recipient in a pan, bake it and cut it up when it is done. Cookies involve portioning out each cookie, rolling each one into a ball and baking only 12 or 15 at a time one one cookie sheet. That is so slow. Not to mention the advance planning to get butter and eggs to room temperature.

Now that I am on the funeral committee at church I have been asked to make cookies. Someone else had already made plenty of brownies so it was just cookie for me. We have had a lot of funerals lately. Now the biggest funeral in our church, for our former beloved pastor Haywood, is going to happen this Saturday. This is a funeral I wish I could attend, but I will be out of town.

So the funeral committee asked me to make as many cookies as I could. Today I baked 14 dozen. That is a boatload of cookies. My friend Jan texted me asking how she could help. “COOKIES,” I said. Thankfully she responded in the affirmative.

This is not the time for me to make waves, but I am going to work on developing some bar recipes that might be acceptable in place of cookies. I know they always have plenty of brownies, although they have not had my sea salt brownies. I guess I need to come up with a snickerdoodle bar.

At least 168 cookies is a good offering. I don’t think I could make cookies for a living. It’s just too much work.

2 Comments on “Cookies Are Trouble”

  1. Sheppy says:

    Here’s a suggestion: from another church reception baker: shortbread is all cooked at once and popular. Lemon bars are same. Here’s a real cheater that actually works:slice and bake cookies sprinkled with Wilton crystals are always eaten quickly and if you make them on parchment you have literally nothing to clean up except the knife!

  2. Carol Walker says:

    You are a blessing to us all.You always step up.Thank you from the Chair of it the Westminster reception committee.

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