I’m Late

How did it get to be May already? One third of the year is gone and I have hardly blinked. Now that we are a family who does not have to follow the academic calendar things should be different. We should be able to enjoy each month, instead they have flown by unappreciated. When Carter lived at home May was the busiest month of the year. It was exams, and end of year celebrations at school. We don’t have that. We still have our anniversary tomorrow, my birthday the next day and Mother’s Day next weekend. In between is May the Forth be with you, Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day. See everyday in May is a holiday, at least the first week. Oh Yeah it’s May Day today, without a maypole we didn’t really celebrate it.

I have yet to put any flowers into pots or totally finish my vegetable garden. The front zinnia garden has not been planted and my terrace has no flowers. All because I didn’t realize it was May already. I could blame our very long and cold spring. Maybe my teaching schedule or travel. But I used to be much busier and still had time to get those things done. Perhaps I am just getting older. I may not be as productive. Maybe I don’t have any events at my house that make me spruce everything up.

Russ used to ask me if we could have a dinner party. What he really wanted was for me to clean off the kitchen counters and he knew a party meant it would get done. We haven’t had a party in years, two to be exact. Maybe it’s time to plan some parties. I guess I should go buy some plants and give them to Russ for our anniversary. That might be the only way things get done. It’s May. I’m late. Before I know it it will be September.

One Comment on “I’m Late”

  1. Jo says:

    Happy May! Happy Anniversary! Happy Birthday! Happy Flowers! Happy Life!

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