Florida is Not the Happiest Place on Earth

With all my apologies to my various family members who live in Florida, you officially live in the dumbest state ever. DeSantis is picking a fight with Disney he can’t win. He should have learned from North Carolina’s one term Republican governor who picked a fight over bathrooms, which was a law in search of a non-existent problem. When North Carolina tried to legislate which bathroom people could use we lost billions of dollars in revenue for the state. Now Florida stands to do worse.

The don’t say Gay law is a law in search of a problem that didn’t exist before. Disney should have spoken up for LGBTQ+ people while the bill was being debated. It waited and only after DeSantis signed the ridiculous law did they say something. Disney is the happiest place on earth. It’s a gay ‘ole time. It’s right to speak up on behalf of it’s cast members and the guests who visit.

Now DeSantis wants to punish Disney. Disney is the reason Florida has revenues to begin with. I was a kid when Disney world was conceived and was being built. I watched the Wonderful world of Disney every Sunday night at seven hanging on Walt’s every word about the new theme park. We begged my father to take us. He said not on his life would he take us to that swamp.

Because Central Florida was a swamp of nothingness before Mickey and Minnie made it home. Yes, Florida has beaches, but so do many states. People wouldn’t flock to Florida just for their beaches if Disney wasn’t there too. Now, Florida Law makers, without any time spent studying the consequences, passed a bill to take away a special tax status that Walt and Roy secured from Florida before they agreed to build there.

If Florida does revoke the Special status they will also inherit the $1.7 BILLION bonds that Disney owes for improvements, as well as have to set up all the “government” type services, like fire departments, police, etc. that Disney currently owns and runs. This assumes that it all happens without a raft of law suits from much smarter lawyers that Disney employees than the civil servants in Florida government.

All this fight with Disney does is brings attention to how unfriendly Florida is, not the nicest place on earth that Disney has created. There are lots of other places people from all over the world can visit and spend their money. Look how much North Carolina lost on one bathroom bill and we hardly have the same worldwide draw as Disney. In fact, when I worked in London and I would tell people I lived in North Carolina they would cock their head with a dazed look. I would follow up with, it’s between New York and Disney world and that gave them a point of reference they knew.

The right, in their efforts not to bother legislating something actually useful, but still wanting to gin up their base creates these non-problem issues and then doubles down when they are challenged.

My answer is to not give any revenue to Florida if I can help it. The state that has buildings full of sleeping residents collapse due to poor oversight is bad enough, but starting a war with Disney after creating a hostile community for LGBTQ+ people is unacceptable.

The only way that things like this can be stopped is if people of good conscious speak up and withhold revenue. It worked against the NC bathroom bill. When it hits Florida residents in the pocket book they will cry uncle, and not uncle Wiggly.

One Comment on “Florida is Not the Happiest Place on Earth”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    Hi Dana,

    I tried to send a message yesterday from my smartphone, but not sure you got it.

    I agree with you. It is an affront to many Floridians that Gov. DeSantis would take away the special district designation. It is obviously as punishment for Disney’s criticism of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. It’s to bad that politicians have to act like this. It is not how a good democracy works.

    Regarding Disney World, there would be no Cinderella’s Castle without the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The permitting requirements even 55 years ago would have just been too much in Florida. Same for almost every other part of Disney World. We would not have Disney in Florida without the special district and ability of Disney to do what it wanted to do. No one is complaining about any environmental effects, it appears. I have never heard of this. Disney pumps billions of dollars into Florida’s economy (annually, I expect). There are so many ripple effects from Disney. It has put Florida on the map. (I would not disagree with removing the special district designation if there had been discussion and some logical reasons for this. There did not seem to be.)

    Now people are wondering what will happen next. Disney has been mute, I think. Maybe everything will go on fine. I am not sure.

    But this showed Gov. Ron DeSantis’ true colors, and there is an election in November.


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