The Blessing of Omicron

As Covid rips through the country I am thankful to have gotten Omicron behind me. The official Covid counts are outrageous and I guess they probably only reflect about a third of the actual cases. I know so many people who have gotten it and only done an at home test without reporting it to anyone official. Then there are the a-systematic cases. My mother told me of people near her who think they just have the flu, who don’t want to know the truth. There just has not been that much flu around so far, so the chances are they have Covid, but don’t want to quarantine.

For all of us boosted, Non-immune compromised, relatively healthy people getting this version of Covid is not a death sentence. If enough of us get it all at the same time we might be able to starve the virus out of hosts so we can greatly reduce it. The trick is to keep it from those people who are immune compromised. Of course all those non-vaxed idiots are still at real risk and are selfishly not doing anything to protect others.

Even though Omicron is not as bad for the boosted, the non-vaxed are still dying. Yesterday over 1600 people in just the states that report. Lord knows how many more there are since some states, Florida I’m looking at you, don’t like letting their citizens know the truth about how many deaths are happening everyday. I guess that deaths will go up a lot in the next four weeks as the death rate lags the infection rate.

In France Macron has really given up on the anti-vaccine crowd and gave ‘em hell yesterday. He is trying to make it next to impossible for the Non-vaxed to go in public places like restaurants. Hooray for him. Why should the rest of us have to stay locked away.

I figure that I might have a couple of months of extra protection now that I am fully boosted and have some home grown anti-bodies from having had a break through infection. That does not mean I will go anywhere without my mask or will go anyplace really crowded. I did everything possible not to get this, except for not hugging my child when she got home for Christmas. This variant is everywhere. I am thankful that the vaccine did it’s job and lessened the effect.

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