People Forget

One thing I feel like the pandemic has done is make some people feel like other people have lots of free time because they are not doing their regular stuff. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some people are busier than ever and it has nothing to do with the pandemic. Lives are going on, whether you see people living them or not.

Regardless of how busy someone may or may not be we all sometimes forget to do things. Apparently I forgot to follow up with someone after a short phone call. Exactly when this phone call happened, I can’t recall. I have been actually busy.

The person I forgot to follow up with is not someone I know well, but my not following up has caused this person to think less of me and tell others. That is how I found out I forgot.

If I ask someone for something and they forget I call them back and remind them. No big deal. People are busy. People forget. People have other things, like the death of a loved one which throws a wrench in everything.

I called and left a message admitting I forgot and asked for forgiveness. At this point I am looking for a little Grace. I have not heard back.

I am hoping I don’t act this way when someone forgets something I have asked for. I hope that I can extend Grace to others. I know the world does not revolve around me and I hope not to expect people to act like it does. We all forget things. I am truly sorry when I let someone down, but give me a heads up and let me try and resolve it.

If I have forgotten to do something for you, let me know. I may or not may not do it, but at least give me a second chance.

2 Comments on “People Forget”

  1. Kathryn says:

    Excellent post. You have all the Grace you need as far as I am concerned. It inspired me to post which I do not normally do. Perhaps this person has never lost a parent before and does not understand the “brain fog” that comes along with it. If they have….then shame on them. Try to give your self some Grace as well. I think with loss comes some clarity. It becomes clear what kind of people are worthy of your time.

  2. Carol Walker says:

    Nicely addressed.

    Carol walker🎶🦋🎶

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