Deer Damage

Someone close to me, who must remain nameless, had a deer run out in front of her relatively new vehicle and do a boat load of damage to the front end. It must have done a lot of damage to the deer too, but it limped off. Thankfully my person was not hurt. The animal did not go through the windshield and the vehicle was still drivable afterwards.

Another person close to us, who also must remain nameless, had the same thing happen to his new vehicle at this same time of year last year. Thankfully he was Ok, but the deer did $12,000 worth of damage to his car.

Deer are idiots, no matter how cute you think they are. Cars are quieter than they used to be and I think that some deer are running with their AirPods in their ears.

It’s mating season. Does are running away from bucks. Bucks are running after does. Yearlings are acting just as you would expect teenagers to act and are running all over the place, trying to find a place to fit in. It’s dangerous out there.

There is not a lot you can do about a deer sprinting out in front of you. Just make sure you are paying attention in case you can stop in time. But if you can’t you are better off hitting the deer than swerving and possibly hitting another moving car. The physics are more in your favor. Also leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you.. if they stop suddenly for a deer and you hit them your insurance pays. Sadly deer are not yet required to have insurance.

We definitely need some thinning of the beard, but not by car. Stay safe.

2 Comments on “Deer Damage”

  1. dee7064 says:

    I hit a deer on 1-40 at 6:30am headed to pick up Judy Woody. We were going to Ft Lauderdale for a week’s cruise of Marty Bergen. I never saw the deer as I was in the slower lane and it had already crossed the two westbound lanes, the grassy median, and the fast bound lane to my left going my way. Long story short, it cost the insurance company @$6,000 and my car was “in the shop” for almost a month. My car came back in sparkling condition—looking better than ever! New this and new that. Fast forward two years and I go to trade it. My car was reduced $1,800 because it had “been in an accident”!! I was LIVID! My car had never looked better and yet was penalised. So. Hitting a deer is just not something you want to do!! Ugh.

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