Old Memories

Today I was going through old photos. Once in a while when I look at a photo I can’t remember exactly where or when it was taken, but sometimes just seeing an imagine brings me right back to when I took it. That was the case today. The picture is one of my sister Janet from when she was five years old. We lived in Wilton, Connecticut where spring never came. Since we did not really live in a neighborhood we often had to make our own fun since our friends were a car ride away.


I came home from school and Janet was playing by herself out in the snow covered driveway. She had on her Osh Kosh striped jean jacket, and a red bandana and was holding a plastic water pistol. I caught the photo of her acting out the death scene in a cops and robbers game she was playing alone. I will never forget how much fun she was having playing both the good guy and bad guy role at the same time. I am not sure who got shot, but the death scene was very dramatic.

I laughed so big as she went down. I thought she could not possibly have more fun if she had an actual friend playing this game with her. Certainly without the photo I would have forgotten this small moment forty seven years ago.

As I went through more photos I forwarded many of Carter and my father together through the years. I am so happy that I have always been an avid photographer because capturing so many memories in a picture helps keep those memories alive. Thank goodness everyone has a camera in our pockets now. Do yourself a favor and take some photos everyday.

2 Comments on “Old Memories”

  1. beth says:

    what a great photo and memories and i love doing this as well –

  2. Carol walker says:

    My dad was an avid photo guy and he gave me the fever and I gave it to jack and my son David.
    My house has hardly any art pics but LOTS of beautiful pics of trips and memories that the 3 of us have taken through the years. There is a reason for the words “ a picture is worth a thousand words”. It is ABSOLUTELY true. Oh the memories those photos bring back. Old cars, old hair dos, holidays, trips things that were have forgotten but for pictures.. You can not replace them.


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