Best Cousin Visit

It only took 27 years to get my cousin Mary to visit us in Durham. Today is the day that she finally arrived. It’s not that we haven’t seen each other regularly through the years. In fact I have seen Mary, a second cousin, ten times more than I have seen my first cousins on the other side of my family, just not at my house.

So when Mary FaceTimed me at my mother’s estate sale we hatched up this plan that I would bring her loot to my house and she would have to come pick it up.

She arrived this afternoon with gifts for us and Shay since Mary is an excellent dog Mom. Then we sat down to catch up on all the family news. As dinner time approached my cousin Leigh and her husband Peter arrived so we had an actual mini Michie family reunion. Sorry to other close by cousins.

It was great to all be together. Leigh had missed Mary’s mother’s memorial service so we had to make up for that.

We told stories, and laughed and voted who had the most outrageous story. Mary said I won, but it’s not a contest you want to win.

Russ’ introversion kicked in and he went to bed and Mary and I stayed up talking after Leigh and Peter went home. Tomorrow we go up to visit my parents since they could not make it to the memorial service either.

At least we will have plenty of car time to tell more stories that hopefully make us laugh more than cry. It’s just great to have her her, finally.

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