Grooming Matchmaker Needed

For the most part I like to let people manage their own relationships. There is hardly any upside for me to be involved, but there is one that requires my constant intervention and it is no win for me; that between my dog and her groomer.

My dog is very picky about who does her hair and where it gets done. Clearly she can be deemed a prima Donna in this area. She has had at least dozen different hair dresser relationships. Most fraught with issues.

When Shay first came into our family I would take her to a groomer that had a store. Being left for the day with a room full of yapping dogs was not good for Shays nerves. Getting the actual grooming was not the issue, but the noise, oh the noise. Shay would request a martini upon arrival home.

We tried many different store fronts, driving Shay all over central North Carolina. Then I learned of an at home groomer who came to our house. This was ideal for the princess. We had to change out the shower head in one bathroom so there was a hand wand, and had to find a good spot for the groomer to set up her table, but after trying different places we found the right one and it was a relationship that worked. Sadly, that come-to-me groomer decided to sell real estate so Shay lost her best groomer.

Once Shay had a taste of at home beauty care that was all she wanted. No going back to those noisy store fronts. The pandemic hit and Carter came home and did some home grooming, but it was not the best thing for their relationship.

I was back in the hunt for a new beautician for the pup. We found a different mobile groomer who came with a truck. Shay only had to leave the house for the driveway and that was acceptable to her. It was pricy, but everyone was happy.

Then one day the groomer did not show up at the appointed time. Apparently he had left one company and was going to another with no notice to me. We waited for him to give us a new appointment in his new truck. All good, Shay actually had her to best haircuts ever in that new truck.

I thought I had finally found a relationship for Shay with her hairdresser that made everyone smile. Then I got a call from the owner of the new truck (not Shay’s actually guy) telling me the truck was in for six weeks of repair. Ugh! Are you kidding? You can’t tell a girl who gets her hair done every six weeks and is due for her next do, that she will have to wait at least another six weeks. What’s a girl to do?

So now I am back in the market for a new person to provide Shay with her day of beauty. Ideally a mobile or at home person is best, but I may have to settle for a store front in a pinch. I am really looking for a labradoodle grooming match maker.

If you have suggestions please send them our way. Shay is not happy with me cutting things off of her and is in need of a summer refresh. I am happy to be the driver, but want to be out of the groomer/dog relationship after that.

One Comment on “Grooming Matchmaker Needed”

  1. Frances Dowell says:

    We love Elliotte’s Pet Spa for Travis, but it can take a few weeks or a month to get an appointment.

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