Limited Reservations Means Life’s Back

In an attempt to relearn how to be social we asked our friends Sara and Dave if they would like to go out to dinner tonight. We asked a whole day in advance which seemed so far in danced compared to how we have been living. Thankfully they were as free as we were so Russ went to make a reservation.

34 hours in advance for a Sunday night dinner and our only option was 5:15 or 8:00 PM. That sounds like prepandemic reservations to me. I consulted Sara and we agreed we were more on the blue hair schedule than the hipster and took the 5:15.

With such an early reservation it meant we only needed two meals today so by 5:15 we were actually hungry. We were eating on the terrace and many other tables were already occupied at 5:15 and by people much younger than us. So much for our blue hair designation.

We had a yummy and leisurely meal, swapping stories of broken down cars through our lives. After a good three hour meal we went back to Sara and Dave’s where we were invited to sit in the living room to continue our story telling. The pandemic has made us decide to use the good rooms in our houses since there is no reason to save them anymore.

It was a most glorious and normal evening of fun with friends. Something we have gotten out of practice with and am happy to do again. We are going to do this again, but now we know we have to plan more than one day in advance if we want to eat at a normal time.

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