A Handy Husband

Being handy or good at fixing things should be a prerequisite for a husband as well as a wife. There is nothing better than having someone who can help me make my dreams real. I showed Russ a design for an expensive lectern and said, “I think we can make this and better than this expensive one.” He did not even blink.

Thanks to having every power tool known to man due to years of Christmas and birthday presents from Russ’ dad we were able to make this thing. Yesterday we finished the raw wood version which I helped make and Russ turned it over to me for finishing.

Today I sanded, primed and caulked. Tomorrow I will do at least two coats of cabinet paint. It’s starting to be better than my dreams and one tenth the price.

It has a place for the microphone holder to be attached, and a covered hole for cords to run down through the three shelves. The front wheels are regular swivel and the back are locking swivels. I think it will serve its purpose. It is all thanks to that handy husband.

It is never too late to learn to fix of make things. Thanks to YouTube there are instructions for everything. Don’t raise children who only know how to golf or play tennis, but make sure they also can build a simple box, fix a running toilet and rewire a lamp. Both boys and girls should know these things.

I probably had the skills, but not enough hands to do this myself. Getting Russ involved meant that it is perfect, square and strong. Thanks for being the handy husband.

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