Sharpen Your Cutco Knives

Today is the official one year anniversary of the Pandemic in America. Who would have thought that when the lockdown was declared we would still be here one year later. Although Covid been worse than I ever imagined the fact that we have 3 vaccines being rolled out is a miracle thanks to those who work in science.

Sometime before the lockdown my friend Denise told me about her big job of individually wrapping her Cutco Knifes in cardboard to send them off to the factory to be sharpened. As a proud Cutco owner I thought that was a big job I needed to do too. Then the pandemic came. At first Cutco was closed since it is in NY, so no sending knives. Then with all the Pandemic cooking I was doing I just couldn’t part with even half my knives. So I just kept using them at not optimal condition.

Last week I got a Facebook notice that there was a Cutco Sharpening event this week so I signed up for an appointment. For people who are very important to me I sometimes give Cutco as a gift so I knew I might do a little shopping.

I wrapped up 28 knives in dishcloths and arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn for my allotted appointment with Cody King, a very knowledgeable Cutco expert. He was able to work magic on my 25 year old knives. A couple have to be sent back to the Factory because they are too far gone, but that lifetime Warranty is the beauty of Cutco.

One of the best things I learned is how to use an odd thin knife I never understood was for melons and pineapple. I just happen to have a pineapple I need to cut tonight so I am going to test out my newly learned knowledge.

I adore my Cutco knives, even dull they are better than any other knives, but now that they are freshly sharpened they are a dream. I did have to warn Russ to be careful since he has had cutting accidents in the past.

Since we all have been stuck at home cooking for ourselves for the whole past year I want to remind you to sharpen your knives. If you want Cody’s info contact me. Sharp knives make every pandemic easier.

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