All Travel Versus No Travel

Carter texted me this afternoon because she wanted some photos from 2007 and 2008. As I was scrolling through the thousands of photos I noticed a theme in those year, travel! In 2008 we took 12 different trips. When I say we, Russ was on a few, Carter was on most and I had one alone. But still 12 trips in one years.

Carter and I riding bikes on the wall in Lucca

The length of the vacations varied from two weeks in Italy to two days in Williamsburg, but it appeared that we hardly stayed home that year.

Fast forward to this year. One three night stay at an air B & B in the mountains in June when we thought things were improving was our only vacation. Then there were my two driving trips to Boston and back to get Carter and bring her home. Those hardly count as trips since each trip was a thirty-six hour affair that consisted of driving 12-13 hours on back to back days.

Looking at the spring break photos of warm beach climates and the summer road trips to visit friends made me nostalgic for travel. I know I could get in the car now and drive someplace where I stand outdoors and look at something, like a tree or a rock. But I am not interested in eating inside and getting takeout and eating in a motel room sounds like the worst kind of travel ever. In fact it sounds too much like my days as a traveling salesperson and might cause me to have nightmares.

I am excited to hopefully get vaccinated this summer, but I am not sure when travel is going to come back in the picture. I feel like it might be OK to welcome visitors into my house once we have all had the vaccine, but when will I feel like it is safe to go to a foreign country?

I am not sure I will have 12 trips in one year anytime soon. I just know that I miss travel and I miss visiting friends. I was planning on making some photos books for Carter of trips we took together, but it seems sad and tortuous to do it now.

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