We Need Vaccine Manufacturing To Increase

From what it sounds like in the news there seems to be shortage of Covid Vaccines which is slowing the process. The delivery of the product does not seem to be an issue and it appears that the states could handle at least double or more product if they had it. So the pinch point is getting the vaccines from the manufacturers.

We have two companies who have approved vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna. Johnson and Johnson may have a vaccine in the middle of February. Today Merck announced they are pulling the plug on their vaccine trials. Merck was not part of project Warp Speed so they may not have been in the projections for vaccinations. But Merck was trying to develop a vaccine. If that was the case, they must have had plans to manufacture a vaccine if they were able to invent it.

Why can’t Biden use the war time production act to have the Pfizer and/or Moderna vaccines manufactured at Merck facilities? There must be a way to build more facilities to produce vaccines.

I am not surprised that the last administration did not have a plan and did not tell the truth on the numbers of vaccines the US government has, but now is the time to change.

Currently the states are alerted on Friday the amount of vaccine they will get the next week, usually by Tuesday night and then they are running out of those shots by Friday. We need a seven days a week supply so states can be giving shots everyday.

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