This Year’s Big Thing

A couple of weeks before Christmas Russ and Carter come to me all concerned about what I am going to do with my time in the next year. This concern always bugs me at the time they do it. They try and make it seem like I am not doing enough to improve the world. Come Christmas Day I usually find out that the whole reason for the awkward conversation is that they are searching for something to give me for Christmas that has to do with my big life plan.

You would think I remember this in mid December, but I don’t. This year, with Covid, I had greater limitations on what my big thing for the year was going to be. I already have my garden ready to go based on last year, but that is a seasonal big thing. Russ and Carter were looking for something more year round, so I threw out I might start working on a cook book. They took right to that idea and encouraged me that it should be my big thing. I wondered why they liked that idea so much.

Then come Christmas and one of my big presents was the promise for all the photography equipment I might need to photograph my recipes. Ah ha! The reason they bug me. Well it turns out I already had most of the equipment I need and so far I have gotten zip. I also have not been working on my cookbook at all.

Yesterday I thought I should get started. It was going to be my big thing after all. I made my homemade English muffins to test my recipe. Today I tried to photograph them. I was all prepared to retouch the pictures, but I think I captured it in the camera.

If I am going to try and create a cookbook I might have to make this a two year project since it is almost February and I have done one recipe.

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