Back to Boring Things To Do

Today was down right boring. No crazy politics to try and comprehend. No crazy people spouting conspiracy theories, no First Ladies dissing their husbands. Just dullness. Boring is good. One problem with boring right now is we have to stay home and be bored. So we need to find ways to entertain ourselves with regular stuff like TV, books and hobbies until the weather gets warm enough to go back outside and garden.

I welcome recommendations for all indoor activities you are enjoying right now. I can recommend the HBO documentary TIGER. It is a two episode show about Tiger Woods’ life takes you from his early childhood and family life up until his 2019 win at the Masters. I have always liked Tiger, but had forgotten a lot of his troubles. This biopic gives you insight into what it was like to be Earl Woods only child and how that formed Tiger. In the end I was profoundly sad. It is worth the three hours to watch this show.

My book group just finished a wonderful book called Shuggie Bain. Although it is listed as fiction it is more or less a memoir of this young man growing up poor in Glasgow, Scotland in the 80’s. The Glaswegian accent and vocabulary take some getting used to, but the heartbreaking story makes learning a new language worth it.

I am back to needlepointing more regularly and highly recommend it as an easy hobby you can pick up this winter. Needlepointing in like coloring with yarn. Learning takes a mere minutes, but can give you a lifetime of joy. I am happy to consult on how you get started if you are new to needlepoint.

So there is the boring life I am so happy to have. No intrigue, no news scrolling. Just sitting around, waiting for my group to be called up for a vaccine.

Shout out what you are doing. We still have a lot of winter ahead of us.

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