Punch List Done

It’s official, the punch list is done and the fellowship hall project closing out just in time for the first tours on Saturday. Yes, five years after the first meetings to determine if anyone liked the old fellowship hall to now. We could have skipped the meeting to find out if anyone liked the old one. The too small a space, the too small a kitchen, the really too small a bathrooms, no heating, no windows not enough seats, at least in the bathrooms.

Did we need this new building, absolutely. Are people excited about it? I think I can say unequivocally, Yes. Sadly, we can’t use the building for large gathering because we can’t have large gatherings, not yet.

I can’t wait to show everybody the new space and I hope you ll love it. There are a few things which are not done. The new furniture is not here yet, the landscaping still has a few plants to come and there are some new parking spaces by the cabin that still need to be paved.

But Saturday we are having small socially gathered tours for people who have signed up in advance. I think there are a few spots still available for this Saturday, but lots of spots for the January 10 tour. I am not posting photos of the inside so you have to come to the tour to see it!

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