Vaccine Priority List

Talk among my friends the last few days has been where we think we are in line to get the Covid Vaccine.  According to the New York Times interactive estimator I am number 94 out of 100 in North Carolina.  Basically at the end of the line.  

I understand that.  I agree with health care professionals going first.  Lord knows they have sacrificed for all of us and will continue to do so for the next few months.  Old people in Nursing homes should go next or in tandem with front line workers like police, Fire and EMT’s.  Then people with underlying conditions.  How about grocery store  and Pharmacy workers.  

Then it starts to get muddled.  I  wish that we had been keeping tabs on who wore face masks and social distanced.  Seems like people who followed the public health rules should go before the mask or Covid deniers.  How about people who stayed home and did not go to big public rallies, or bars, or giant church gatherings.  Why should people who said the whole thing was a hoax go before law abiding people.  The governor of South Dakota should maybe go last in all the Governors.  She never had a mask mandate, but instead encouraged the Sturgis, SD biker rally to take place.  No wonder South Dakota has one of the highest rates of spread despite being harder to spread in very rural areas.

I am all for the vaccine. I want every person in this country to take it so we can starve Covid out from hosts and kill it. I just wish that rule followers would be rewarded for once. I am tired of having to be nice to the selfish people in the hopes they would care about someone other than themselves and do the right thing.

In the meantime, kept wearing your masks. We have a good long time until we are safe, if you have gotten the vaccine or not.

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