The $34,482 Vote

Trump just spent $3,000,000 donated by his faithful to get Biden 87 more votes in Wisconsin. That’s $34,482 per vote for Biden. This is not surprising. It’s just like a Trump run Atlantic City casino. Take other people’s money and use it to run a business into the ground. I hope that Wisconsin got that $3,000,000 to do the recount up front because if history is any predictor Trump will run out on the bill and when Wisconsin comes after him for the money he will tell them to sue him for it.

We shouldn’t hold our breath for Trump to realize he actually lost this election. He has no shame in declaring six of his business bankrupt and act like he did nothing wrong. He never admits defeat. But we can stop paying any attention to him. There is nothing he hates more than being ignored.

He does not care to be right as long as he has the spotlight. Like those ridiculous claims that Covid was a hoax and we would stop hearing about it the second the election is over. If ever there was one of his claims I wish wasn’t a lie it was that one.

I just hope people who can ill afford to give him money stop wasting their time and dollars. His claims to keep fighting this already decided election is just a way to fleece people for more money. Poor dopes, have they never heard of Trump University?

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