The Best Medicine

Today was my annual visit with my GYN. I go to a woman who took over from my OB/GYN who delivered Carter and was my doctor for over twenty years. Since I don’t have a lot of need for visiting her I don’t have the same relationship with her as I did with my old guy. I think I have seen her four times in four years.

The worst part about going to any doctor is weighing in, but this year with Covid the nurse said nobody is getting scolded. Thankfully my weight was less than last year, but not as good as it was in March. My “new” doctor spent a lot of time with me considering everything short of the blood work which is not back yet was great.

We talked about life and she expressed an interest in doing some work for my Food Bank. After she commented on my strong core muscles I showed her a picture of my garden project and she said that was the healthiest thing she had seen during Covid. I was happy she thought my muscles were improved.

After a good check up and really nice visit she asked if she could give me a hug. It has been so long since I have hugged anyone besides my husband. She said with out masks on it was safe. It was the best medicine. A hug. The thing we all need, but can’t ask for or shouldn’t.

It was the best trip to the doctor I think I have ever had.

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