I Have A Beef With Hasbro

For the last two weeks Carter and I have been playing a never ending Monopoly game. It stays on the game table in the living room and every day or two I get a text from Carter, “Want to play Monopoly.” Happier words she has never texted me.

This game goes on and on because we have a similar amount of properties and housing, but Carter is amassing a much greater amount of cash than I am. My beef with Hasbro is they in no way provide enough cash in the various denominations to play this game with any skill level. As we are playing the “Here and Now” version of the game the top denomination is $5,000,000. Think of it as equivalent to the $500 bill in good old original Monopoly. The second most valuable bill is $1,000,000. When you pass go you get two of these.

Carter and I are constantly having to turn in the million dollar bills as the bank runs out. We trade in five and get a $5,000,000 bill in exchange. Then the bank runs out of those. So we have to start a secret second bank where are money is just a number written on paper. Currently Carter has $120,000,000 in her credit account and I only have $50,000,000. This does not include the cash on hand we both have. You can imagine that Carter has much more cash than I do.

At one point Carter had every $5,000,000 bill in the whole game. She counted it up and it only totaled $100,000,000. I don’t know who at Hasbro ever tested this game, but they just don’t provide enough cash to play to game with any skill. Carter and I looked online to see if we could buy more Monopoly money to supplement our under capitalized bank and it is not sold anywhere.

Hasbro needs to get into the spare parts business. I understand that we have a limited number of houses and hotels for strategic reasons, but more money is not going to change the way the game is played. If lightening struck our house and Russ wanted to play with us we would hardly have enough money for three players to play long enough to buy all the properties.

So Hasbro, if you are listening. Sell us some cash infusions. It could be a nice revenue stream and makes playing the game so much more pleasant because we don’t have to constantly be turning bills in because the bank is broke. We hate playing the 2008 version of banking.

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