Twenty-Eight and Pretty Great

You know that saying, “When you make plans, God laughs.” Today Russ and I had planned on being in Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize… someplace warm and tropical. Someplace to celebrate 28 years together. Russ had not been on a vacation is a long time and I had been researching someplace wonderful for him. This would have taken the pressure off him for this weekend.

This is the worst weekend for him, our anniversary and my birthday back to back, followed quickly by Mother’s Day next weekend. He considers it “my” weekend, but today really is “our” day. A trip away, planned by me, would mean he didn’t have to do any work and it still would have been a great celebration for me too.

Sadly, God laughed. So my trying to relieve the pressure of my weekend back fired and Russ is now trying to make up for the quarantine on the big weekend. Not what I wanted this year. See, Russ makes every weekend “my” weekend. For twenty-eight years he has always thought of others before himself.

I am not quite sure how I got this lucky, but I try and not take him for granted, because he really is one of a kind. There is no one else I can think of who would make all this staying home so easy.

It is sad that my plans to take him away to celebrate him got cancelled, but it is no tragedy. We have Carter home and we are all healthy. It is a beautiful weekend, exactly as it was on this day twenty-eight years ago when I announced loudly in church that “I will” marry Russ Lange. I am certain he had no idea what life with me was going to be like. Thank goodness he stayed.

Sometime, when the world is different than it is today, I hope we can go away, but not get away, because there is nothing to get away from as long as Russ is with me. Happy Anniversary to the best.

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