Back To Being Productive

After my lack luster day yesterday I had to finish something today. So I finally finished the quilt my mother requested I make. At Christmas she saw the sandpiper placemats I made Carter and asked for a sand piper king sized quilt. It was quite an undertaking.

I told her I would do it if I got to pick out the materials. She just wanted one that would go with the rug in her bedroom. So I picked fabrics in her rug colors, but also ones that have something to do with my mother. Since she is an artist I found a fabric of a palette. One of London Bus, as that was her favorite mode of transport when she lived there. I loved this very orange fabric since my mother grew up in Knoxville, TN and is a Lady Vol lover. I found a cute fabric of socks on a clothes line since my mother love to wash and some others that go along with all of those.

The quilt is completely random with different sized sand pipers and blocks. As I got to the bottom I needed to make it even out and my favorite parts ended up being three little matching sand pipers in the corner to represent myself and my two sisters.

My long arm quilter, Tina, did the quilting for me in a flower pattern all over as my mother likes to garden. After I got the quilt back from Tina I had to hand sew the binding on which finishes off the quilt and this project I spent the front half of 2020 on. I am thankful to have had this project to work on during quarantine. I can’t wait until we are released and I can bring it to my mother to go on her bed.

8 Comments on “Back To Being Productive”

  1. Lloydette says:

    The quilt is wonderful!

  2. Kate says:

    that’s really cool!

  3. Nancye Bryan says:

    I think I’m not supposed to covet, but I covet that quilt!

  4. Karen R says:

    Dana truly a work of art and labor of love!

  5. Barbara B Fletcher says:

    Dana, you are a true artist. Do you ever enter any of your quilts in competitions? Your boundless energy amazes me. I miss seeing you and doing church stuff together.

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