Carter’s Good Deed

It’s a rare January weeknight that Russ and I go out to dinner, but the St. James just reopened after being closed for nine months due to the gas leak explosion and we have missed her. If you are a fan of the St. James it is exactly the same so run on over for dinner.

While Russ and I were seated I got a FaceTime call from Carter so I took it. I know it’s rude to answer your phone in a restaurant, but we were in a very private corner and the noise level was loud enough that no one knew I was on the phone.

This is how the conversation started.

“Nothing is wrong, but I made my first 911 call tonight.”

Thank god I taught her well enough to start with “nothing is wrong” otherwise I would have been a wreck.

Turns out that as Carter was walking home from work she witnessed two young men in a Honda hit a parked car hard enough that it pulled their bumper off. Carter reported that they got out of their car and looked like they we going to leave a note, but decided not to and picked their bumper up and put it in the back seat, sticking out of the open window and drove off. Carter took note of their license number. I asked her if she wrote it down and she said, “I didn’t have to it was 1ABC69.” They were young men after all.

Two other people walking on the street witnessed this and Carter, being a law abiding citizen was outraged for the poor owner of the parked car, whom she does not know. She dialed 311 which is the non-emergency police number and the operator told her that she needed to hang up and call 911 like she won the crime reporting lottery.

Since this happened right in front of her building Carter went into her apartment and called 911 and reported the crime. The dispatcher took the information and told Carter to write a note and tell the owner what she saw and that Carter had reported it and the owner needed to call the police and report the hit and run also.

Carter sent me a photo of the note she left on the car. I am proud of my madam-law-and-order child. It would be easy to just ignore the whole thing as a bystander, and not consider how horrible it is going to be for the car owner when they come out and find their wrecked car.

I hope that Mr. 1ABC69 realizes how having such a stupid vanity plate got him in trouble as well as leaving the scene of an accident.

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