Elf Life

Like Santa’s elves I was holed up at home all day working away in my various workshops. Yes Christmas is 30 days away, but I am working on gifts and things that are for pre-Christmas events. You would think that will all the production work I do all year, I would already have everything done, tied up in a bow, but I don’t.

My friend Carol from church asked me to make cookies for a charity Christmas party so I had to get going on those. I had to prepare the favors for another Christmas party. I decided to make sea salt Caramels. The recipe explicitly said not to try and double or triple it since it is finicky to begin with. Since I needed as least double I had to do it twice. I had not realized the amount of cooling time required, so the cutting and wrapping will have to wait until tomorrow.

I finally finished a wreath quilt I made. It is much larger than I had intended and now I am on to making a second smaller version. The thing that takes the longest is hand sewing the binding so smaller will be better.

My elf life will continue up tomorrow as I will be waiting for the dishwasher repair man to show up. At least I have plenty to do in my workshops as Christmas is coming and coming fast.

One Comment on “Elf Life”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    I am glad I am considered a friend and thank you for the Threshold cookies.


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