Dog Spelled Backwards

Today was the annual Blessing of the Animals at Church. Shay, being a regular at church, jumped right in the car when I mentioned the blessing. As the mascot member of the Finance, Ways and Means and New Building Committees she feels right at home at Westminster.

About two dozen dogs and one hedge hog came for the blessing. There were big and small dogs, one ones and puppies, well behaved and wild. All children of God.

Today’s blessing was a chance for some youth to practice their blessing skills. Shay was blessed by Shannon as well as getting blessed by Alex the official new youth pastor.

Shay acted as if she were the one doing the blessing. Perhaps her familiarity with Westminster makes her feel like she is on staff, or maybe it has something to do with Dog spelled backwards.

Whatever the reason our family is blessed to be loved by Shay, even if she loves in uneven ways. We all take what we can.

One Comment on “Dog Spelled Backwards”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Thank you for that. We wanted to be there but had to be at DPAC earlier than we thought. Alex has promised to bless Coda our blessed cocker later this week.


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