Drive By Visit

Since Russ and I were in New Jersey we made plans to see his Dad and his sister for breakfast. We weren’t exactly near them so I determined where a good meeting spot might be. Frenchtown looked like the nicest town. It was about an hour and fifteen minutes from where we woke up in Jersey and only 45 minutes for Russ’ family.

They got to the restaurant before we did and secured a table. Russ had been told the might be a wait so we were thankful for their early arrival. It was a good catch-up since we hadn’t seen them in a year. The last time was the night before my Aunt’s memorial service. My family seems to be providing us opportunities to spend just a little time with Russ’ Dad.

After our short reunion Russ and I drove back to Newark to come home to puppy. I tried to sleep on the plane, but the sound of Baby Shark playing behind me to the infant who was a new flyer kept me up.

At last we got home and I just passed out on my bed with Shay and took a nap. Now I am a mess. I slept too close to bedtime, I made no dinner and it is hot as the Fourth of July here. My body is as confused as my mind. Time to reboot and get back on Durham operating system.

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