A Real ID

For the last few months Russ has needed to get a new real ID driver’s license. North Carolina had an online license renewal, but if you did it that way you could not use your driver’s license to get on a plane. Since Russ’ passport is running out of time he needed the real ID so he could fly while he sent his passport back for renewal. This whole system is such a pain in neck.

Russ does not have a social security card so we had to find something official with his social security number printed on it. Now a days nothing has your whole social , just x’s with the last four digits. Then we had to have an official piece of mail addressed to Russ. We no longer get any bills in the mail, not that they were ever addressed to Russ. We are paperless on most statements so I really had to work to find the required documents for Russ. Finally we had gathered everything and he is ready to go tomorrow morning to renew his license.

After finding all this documents for Russ I went to the bank to cash a bunch of checks. I hardly ever go to the bank anymore since I do mobile deposit, but I just wanted to cash these to have some mad money. I signed them all and waited in line with my bank card and driver’s license. The very young teller took everything I shoved under the bullet prof glass. She scanned all the checks and then informed me that my license had expired last month and she couldn’t cash the checks.

What???? All this work on Russ and I paid no attention to the fact that my license was more than a month out of date. Thank goodness I wasn’t trying to fly somewhere. I gathered all my documents and got up at the crack of dawn and went to the DMV this morning. It opened at 7:00 AM. I arrived at 7:15 and was 25th in line outside. All the chairs inside were full and the clerk only called one person. From theout door line as a chair became available.

I had brought needlepoint to do while I waited, but couldn’t do it standing up. Instead I talked to the people in line with me. A nice woman who had moved from AZ to be closer to her grand children, a young man from Nigeria who works at GSK, a young girl trying to get her first license who was alone and a family of from India, who just moved here. It was a very interesting group.

Good thing I like to talk to strangers because it took over two hours to get my license. It would have been quicker if I were inside from the start because I was my normal bossy self making sure when they called a number to be served people paid attention and went to their appointed station to be served. It really irks me that people waste time when they finally get called. It is not just the DMV that makes the process so slow, it is the customers. I have suggested to Russ to go an hour before they open so he can be first in line. He doesn’t like to talk to strangers.

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