Biblical Rain

Since our government is no longer concerned with the actual science of climate change perhaps we should put what is going on in biblical terms. Minnesota has had record snows this year. So breaking a record in a snowy state is something, perhaps not surprising, but it snowed in Hawaii and LA. That is biblical. I am not sure what the biblical term is for unexpected snow since it rarely snowed in The Middle East and I can’t think of any bible stories around snow. There should be.

But we have had unprecedented rain this year in North Carolina and I feel like it has been way more than 40 days and 40 nights. Does anyone in the federal government remember a little guy named Noah? At some point we need science to be embraced and help us understand how we are going to survive all this rain. I am in no mood to learn to build a boat.

Shay would have been one of those animals clamoring to get on the ark. She hates the rain. Normally if it is raining out she stands in the front door and refuses to go out to potty even though she knows she needs to. Having day after day of endless rain can not be good for her bladder and kidneys. Today she stayed up on my bed the whole day, moping.

I don’t blame her. I too am sick of rain. The front yard is a lake, the driveway a river. My three different rain coats hardly dry out despite rotating wearing them. Apparently we are going to have a whole weekend of continued rain. I suggest we all start praying for a dove with an olive branch. Actually I would prefer a federal worker with a science budget.

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