Yes, We Have No Bananas…Just Bread

Russ is mainly a healthy eater. What’s not healthy he eats in total moderation. He is perfectly happy having a banana as his snack. I gave up eating bananas years ago when I started weight watchers. Back then apples and strawberries had zero points, but bananas had two. No way was I using points on a fruit, when I could have a skinny cow ice cream sandwich for two points. You know how f#@$edup that point system was. I think now bananas are zero points but a skinny cow is like 6, as it should be. Anyway… I have never gotten back on bananas.

So Russ will buy himself bananas not knowing that I might have bought him the same fruit. He will dutifully eat one a day, but sometimes he can’t get to them all before they turn a particularly ugly dark brown. When that happens he throws them in the bottom freezer drawer and not in any particular place.

When the freezer failed last week I had to clean it out. I came upon at least 14 thawing very ripe bananas. I knew why Russ had saved them, he wanted me to make him banana bread. My homemade fruit and nut breads, like zucchini, or banana or zucchini banana bread are Russ’ favorite late night snack. Not a big serving, just a small skinny slice, remember all things in moderation.

So when I came upon this trove of bananas I knew what I had to do. I peeled them and placed what was left of the flesh in a bowl and put it in the refrigerator that was still working. Today I made eight loaves of banana bread in different varieties. I made straight banana, banana and zucchini, banana and walnut and banana, walnut and chocolate chip.

Russ looked at the silver wrapped loaves and declared it was seven months worth. Now I just need a freezer to put them in. I followed the lesson learned from cleaning out the freezer and labeled everything and dated them. This way when Russ pulls one out and eats it he can identify which flavor he likes best and not always be asking me what he is eating. One thing I know for sure is it will have banana in it.

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