Fastest Blog Ever Written on My Phone

Recovered half way, enough to fly without dying. The excitement of going to be with Carter is the best medicine ever.

Of course the snow today made travel on I 40 insane. Half an hour late to airport. We are having to check bags because we are bringing empty bags to Carter. So we had to wait at bag check-in. The weather has screwed up most people’s travel do the check-in agents were spending 15 minutes per passenger to reroute them. Finally checked our empty bags and got to the club where every seat was taken. Our flight has been delayed, hopefully we will still make our tight connection.

Normally this would make me all insane, but either my medicine has dulled me or my euphoria is keeping me positive. Pray we have tail winds and get to Carter safe and sound.

One Comment on “Fastest Blog Ever Written on My Phone”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    Great photo!

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