Rejuvenate, the Theme for Today

After a fairly good night’s sleep on my little sofa with the cat comforter I awoke to day two of my mission trip to clean my old friend’s old house. My assignment today was to clean the kitchen. This was not just any cleaning. It was cleaning out the cabinets, determining what should be thrown, sold, packed to go home with Donna or Warren or left on the shelves to be used while the house is being lived in to get ready for sale. Then I had to scrub every surface and try and make it look new again. In other words rejuvenate the kitchen.
Here are some lessons learned: Murphy’s oil soap alone will not get the grime off wood cabinets. 3m Scotch Brite pads work better than paper towels or rags to clean kitchen cabinets along with warm water and Murphy’s. The hardest area to clean as well as the one that needs it the most is the place behind the door pull. A toothpick is the only way to get the gunk out of crevices.

After a good days work I almost finished the kitchen. There are still a few items that need to be sorted, but the room is cleaner, with the exception of the floor, than it has been in a year.
Warren spent his day in the room we cleaned out yesterday cleaning the wood floor so he can put a treatment on it tomorrow to bring back the luster of two hundred year old wood. By about five thirty I was sick of carrying out trash and recycling and wanted a break from my rubber gloves.
Warren and I had no trouble convincing Donna that we should go out to dinner. Warren thought we could run one small errand to buy Rejuvenate Floor refinisher on our way to dinner. I should have known better than to think that was an easy task. First we went to one local store called Klem’s. It was an interesting conglomeration of housewares, pet supplies, shoes, hunting and fishing gear and hardware. Sadly no Rejuvenate.
A good drive to find Home Depot. In the cleaning department they had Rejuvenate, but only the unwanted hi-gloss formula. We asked around for the satin finish and were told it was not in stock. Next came Walmart, none there. Back to Home Depot to get the second choice floor finisher, Bona, along with five other things we forgot to buy the first time we were there, like concrete repair, caulk and new liners for the burners on the stove. Then miraculously, in the flooring department and not the cleaning department the much sought after satin finish Rejuvenate appeared! Ahhhhhh, choirs of angels.  
By now it was eight at night and the little errand before dinner had taken two and a half hours. I was in need of rejuvenation. I pray this product makes the floors look like heaven, because we had to go through hell to get it.

One Comment on “Rejuvenate, the Theme for Today”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    Thanks for the advice on how to clean floors and cabinets, Dana! I will be doing this to my parents’ floors next year. Our wood floors are only 53 years old, but in much need of a good rejuvenation. Ellen

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