Basketball Senior Goodbye 

About a month before basketball season was set to end Carter said to me, “We need to have an end of year dinner to honor the seniors on the team.” I don’t need much of an excuse to have a party and I loved this idea. 
Yes, the team needed to do something to say goodbye to three great seniors, Liz Roberts, Serena Walker and Kenan Little, but I want to have a party to say goodbye to their parents. The team on the court is a family, but the parent supporters who faithfully come out for every game are a family too. We cheer for each other’s children, we pray when someone gets hurt, we rejoice in small miracles, like when someone who usually can only do layup a from the right makes one from the left.
Our team has benefited from the Roberts family taking the girls away on a team bonding weekend every January which is way above and beyond what any team captain’s family usually does. As well as giving each girl a fabulous team backpack with their name and number on it.  
The extended Roberts family that includes aunts and grandparents cheer Carter’s name loudly when she makes a basket. It causes opponents parents to wonder what was so great about the one basket, but we all know. Bennet Roberts greets Carter after every game with an enthusiastic, “Way to go Carter,” that in invaluable. Their unwavering support and optimism will certainly be missed in the bleachers next year.
Al Walker is a wealth of knowledge on the sidelines to me. When a foul is called I can usually turn to Al and ask what in the world that was for. Our group of parents is going to miss his smiling face.
It has been great to have Lori Little in our midst this year. Kenan had been hurt and unable to play until this year so it was nice to have her mom with us for her senior year.
I loved having coaches Krista and Robert get to have just a relaxed dinner with the girls and the parents and thank them for all their hard work with our girls, both on and off the court. The lessons the girls learn are ones they don’t even know they are getting, but as parents we know they will stay with them for all their lives.
One small dinner hardly seems like enough to say thank you to all these wonderful people. I’m already sad that these families will not be with us next year. It just won’t be the same.

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