Football Nerves

When I was a child I was very thankful I was not a boy so I could avoid playing team sports. Watching pop warner football, seeing my classmates take hits and still not make the play made me nervous as can be. I was happy to swim or play tennis, sports that involved no contact and seemed far less dangerous than the hard hitting boy sports. I was a pre-title nine girl so the offerings for girls was more limited to begin with and all that made me happy. I felt uncomfortable even watching sports where people got hurt.
Since I went to all girls boarding school, the sports were obviously focused on girls, so I never had the opportunity to be drawn into even watching boys sports. I then went to a college which probably had the worst football team on earth. My apologies to any of my friends who played on the team, but I think in my four years there was only one touch down ever scored. That being the case going to watch the games was not something we even did. All the better, I did not have to watch anyone get tackled or run head first into other player.
Despite my dislike for playing violent sports or having any first hand experience watching live football much when the post regular season in professional ball comes along I oddly get drawn into the action. Perhaps it is the fact that it is a long weekend and we are home. This year the fact that the Carolina Panthers have the best season also helps peak my interest. Then there is the need to watch someone while I am on the treadmill.  
What I cannot explain is that once I finished my steps as the Panthers were securing the win, what made me feel the need to watch the Pittsburgh/Denver game? Maybe it was that I turned the TV on looking for 60 minutes, but once I discovered an hour delay I immediately got drawn into the game. As much as I enjoyed watching two football games today I don’t feel like I must watch next week’s games, but I still want Carolina to win and be in the super bowl.
I am thankful I don’t have a son and have to watch him in the violent sports. I am still a little nervous watching pros play. It is kind of like driving by an accident. I just can’t seem to help but look.

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