The Poor Waiters Who Get to Serve Me
Day three in Nantucket and I am already tiring of eating too much good food. Now that does not mean I have stopped eating it or even made the healthiest of decisions, but I can feel the collective weight of bread and desserts as well as just regular salad dressing beginning to take hold of me.  
One of the problems of these company retreats is the big dinners after the days of working. Well today it was a half day working and a small trip on a boat thanks to Captain Mark Schweitzer. Unfortunately boating burns no calories whatsoever, just gives us more fun time together.
Tonight we went to Galley Beach to enjoy the sunset as well as a completely decadent dinner. The poor waiter had to endure my comments as he tried to describe the various specials to our table of nine. Nothing is ever going to go easy on a waiter when he begins by telling us about the “4.7 ounce meatball special.”  
“Is it exactly 4.7?” I interject. “Could it possible be 4.6 or 4.8?”
Thank goodness he had a good sense of humor and found his description as absurd as I did.
“What I mean to say is it is a really big meatball.”  

That’s more like it. Don’t describe things to me in terms of how much they weigh. If he said a quarter pounder meatball I would have thought it was huge. The bad news is all that discussion about the meatballs made our whole table crave them so we got three for the table to share. That was like 14 ounces of meatballs for nine of us. I did not need that ounce and a half, but I had it anyway and two bites was just enough.
Russ ordered a pasta appetizer as a main course. He probably would have been fine getting just the appetizer size but the waiter asked him if he wanted to make it a main course size, which means doubling it in food as well as price. I would be better off if I could order half sizes of everything. I want to taste different foods and have a variety to my meal out, but I just don’t need a full meal, let alone an appetizer and a dessert. I know I would feel better when I left the restaurant if I had eaten half as much. I still suffer from the affliction of eating all that is put in front of me, so just don’t give me so much.
I guess that Russ and I are now at the old folks point in life that we need to start ordering one dinner and splitting it. The next thing that is going to happen is we are going to begin arriving at restaurants at 5:00 for the early bird special. I wonder if waiters describe the food there or do they just show you pretty laminated pictures of food?  


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