Good Bye Summer, Hello “What In The World Do I Wear Today?”

One of the joys of living in North Carolina is the good weather sticks around well into the late fall months. This makes for nice days, but crazy mornings standing in my closet wondering what to wear. An early spring in the south means it is just fine to break out pink and white cotton clothes, even summery sandals are fine in March if it’s hot enough. But somehow all those white pants feel inappropriate after Labor Day even when the temperature is on the seersucker reading.
I know plenty of people who don’t fall the white shoes rule, but it seems like I am supposed to retire my colorful summer Capri pants for heaven, don’t say it, jeans. I don’t even know which jeans in my drawer of many sizes even are the ones that fit right now. I can’t even bear the thought of forgoing my white linen skirt for real pants.
Can’t we please change all fashion rules to follow the temperature and not the calendar. As long I am getting up and putting on Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt I feel like I have no cares in the world; no meetings, no obligations, all fun and games. But real clothes make me feel like it’s back to work. Ha, what work? I did go do an interview last week, but can write my story in my night gown, no clothes even needed.
So goodbye to summer. I will miss not just the ease of what to wear and the colorful clothes of the season, but all that summer represents; the vacations, breaks from routine, vegetables from the garden, flip flops. Fall has its good points too, but sweltering in fall clothes when it still feels like summer is not one of them. I’m not going to be able to give up summer clothes cold turkey so I guess I am going to have to do it one piece at a time. You may see me out with white pants and a navy shirt or black pants and a pink shirt. I guess I do have to give up the linen and white sandals, but that is as far as I am taking it until the temperature drops to the low 70’s. NOOOOO, I’m not ready.

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