The Rare Family Dinner

The best way to get to have dinner with our daughter is for us to make a reservation at a restaurant we know she loves and invite her to go, otherwise our chances to see her are greatly diminished. Since Russ is going to be away all next week and Carter was away all last week we decided tonight was our best option for a family night out.  
I am trying to stick to my healthy eating plan and eating at restaurants is tasty for a reason – the wrong reason. Last week while Carter was gone I ate almost every lunch and dinner out. That made me a poor weight loss candidate. So tonight I went out with new resolve, kind of.
I ordered a salad to start, but of course ate the nuts, bacon and cheese that came on it. But then I followed it with the raw seafood platter. Although it was two ice chip platters double stacked with oysters, clams, mussels, shrimp, lobster and stone crab, in actual amounts of edible food it was not that much.  
If I had removed all the flesh from the shells and piled it up I would barely have a small cereal bowl full of meat. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was the tastiest thing in town. I am not about to complain about a lobster claw, but I really could have done without the stone crabs.
I am baffled about why people love these things. The shells of the claws are so thick that even thought they had been whacked in the kitchen by a cleaver I could hardly free any flesh from them with the industrial cracker provided to me. I had to interrupt Russ from his steak tartare to get him to squeeze the little suckers so I could try and pry a shell of and pull out a tiny amount of meat. The workout to get the tiny flakes is hardly worth it. The only problem was that the stone crab claws were the primary bulk of my meal.
There must be a negative calorie exchange in the removing the meat and eating it. I had to burn way more calories getting the whispers of food out of the shell than they were putting into my body. You would think that was a bonus for me, but actually food that causes me such frustration makes me want to stress eat something bad for me afterward just so I could feel like I ate something.
So much for my healthy eating at a restaurant plan. I think I have to go back to my old standby of a green salad with grilled chicken. It is so boring, but then I know exactly what I am consuming and in reality it makes me very happy. Russ’ answer to the whole problem is that we should just eat at home since no matter where we go for dinner he always says, “It’s good, but not as good as you make, Dana.” This may be true, but the we are back to the problem of not having our daughter want to eat with us. I guess I need to set up at restaurant at home. Maybe if I had a cute waiter she would stick around.

One Comment on “The Rare Family Dinner”

  1. Diane Wade says:

    Dana, the stone crabs you mentioned here had been frozen at some point. (Even if they said not.) That’s why the meat was so hard to get out of the shell. When we spent several winters in The Keys, we learned everything there is to know about stone crabs and to love love love eating them. And, if they are fresh, the meat pulls away from the shell/claw with little or no problem. I don’t eat stone crabs anywhere but in The Keys! It’s just way too much trouble and the taste is not as sweet. Just saying…….

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