Cauliflower Pizza Crust



Russ does not like cauliflower, so it was quite surprising to me when he e-mailed me a blog about cauliflower pizza crust. I think his love of pizza and the lack of my making it for the last few years finally had him succumb to a different way.

All the calories in a pizza are certainly not in the crust, but the part of a pie I like the best is the gooey cheese on top. Since I was craving some melted cheese today and was willing to take the calorie hit that involved I decided to try Russ’ recipe.

It involved chopping the raw cauliflower in the Cuisineart until was like snow, cooking it in the microwave and then putting it I a dish cloth and squeezing the water out of it.

I have to say that the end product of a pizza with caramelized onions a little sauce and five kinds of cheese was very tasty. I certainly could taste the cauliflower in the crust, but I like that vegetable. I think if you are trying to cut white flour out of your diet this is a very successful substitute.

In the end I felt like I was getting to eat pizza, but I am sure that the scale tomorrow will also know I ate pizza. There is no way around the cheese calories, but sometimes you just have to have some melted cheese!

If you want to make it yourself here is the link to the recipe I used.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza | Tasty Kitchen Blog

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