If You Missed This Game



It’s not often an entire Upper School gym filled to capacity for a Friday night basket ball game could sit completely silent without any cheering or clapping as our team made basket after basket. Since three starting players were in a serious car accident after leaving last Friday’s winning game the team, the students, the faculty and the parents came together for tonight’s game as a show of love and support to the injured boys. The young man who was most seriously hurt is number 12 and the plan was for a silent game until the team had made 12 points. With the stands filled with supporters all wearing shirts with the word FAMILY with the school DA logo in place of the “A” you could feel the love in the room.


The opposition did not make it easy, but four minutes into the first quarter Sophomore Jorden Davis, one of only two regular starters still able to play made the 12th point basket. The gym erupted with everyone on his or her feet cheering and clapping. If God had not been paying attention to healing Cam, Alston and Ryan before there was no way he could ignore them now.


Our school community wanted to send all the messages of love and support they could to our boys. You could feel the team on the court willing them to win this game for their brothers. At the half there was still a big question whether they could do it going into the locker room down by seven. But something happened in that locker room and towards the end of the third quarter and all the guys who don’t usually get much playing time as well as the few starters were on fire. The team suddenly pulled forward and not only did they score 28 points in the second half they kept their opponents from adding even one point from the sixth minute of the third all the way until the end. The final score was Cary 39 DA 55.


The students who filled three sections of the big bleachers swarmed the court and surrounded the team. They were doing it not just for the players who were there, but for the three who were not. We are a family. We cherish each individual. We rise to support our community. I hope that each person there felt the love and those who were not will feel it from the stories, photos and video of the night. DA Strong.



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