Thanks For The Support



I just drove over to Raleigh and back in rush hour both ways and it was worth it. I had a big ten-minute slot on the Food Bank telethon. When I got there they were $444 away from reaching their first $10,000 milestone.


Thanks to my wonderful cousin, Ellen Underwood who called in a pledge from Florida and my hard working husband who donated online while he was on a conference call we made the goal. I got the pleasure of ringing the gong in celebration.


While I was in traffic my dear friends Susan Spratt and her husband David Tendler made a very generous donation. Susan is an endocrinologist and has been learning first hand how so many of her diabetic patients are living in houses completely void of any food. This lack of nutrition does not help people fight this deadly disease. Helping people have good for them food is a big priority at the Food Bank. Thanks David and Susan your donation will provide 2,500 meals to people right here.


It is never too late for you to help. The telethon is going on until noon tomorrow. Log on to to see it. There is a donate now button right on that page and you can donate with a credit card, or call the phone number 919-865-3077. Tell them Dana sent you. I know that Nancy McGuffin at Chapel Hill Needlepoint was donating and thanks for that! Anyone else who gives will get a big call out of thanks from me on the blog.


If you are an insomniac I suggest you log in at the 4:00 am hour. Food Bank Social Media Darling Molly Rivera will be doing an hour-long segment on cheese. She is from Wisconsin and really knows her topic. Her dad also sent a huge box of cheese curds for her to use during her show. Really, I promise it will be better than reruns of The Andy Griffith Show and I say this with the utmost love for Don Knots.


I’m off now to a dinner where I will give thanks for being lucky enough to have food today. Not everyone does and it is embarrassing for anyone in this country to go hungry, but they do.

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