Hunger is Hurtful



Today I spent the whole day at the Food Bank board retreat. Even though I am just the past chair I still had a number of responsibilities at the meeting. All I can say is that it was a good thing I had my session in the morning. After a full morning of activities and a nice lunch we had a learning session rotating through different departments’ tables learning what is going on in the Food Bank.


One of my favorite groups is the social media and online department. They always are up for some fun so when the events group let me put on the big carrot outfit, the online Manager Jen was happy to take a picture with me dressed in my worst color orange. I will say that I was the only board member who dressed up, but then again no one asked any board members to do it.


By the last session of the day my energy was waning. I had not drunk my usual 60 ounces of iced tea and I don’t think I ate enough protein at lunch, but I had eaten both breakfast and lunch. The last person to present to us was a nice woman who was doing a study for us as a consultant and she was only half way through her work, but she was asked to present her progress to date.


Poor thing. I went immediately into my questioning personality and was probably tougher on her than I should have been. After it was over I realized that I would have been a lot nicer if I had at least eaten some grapes before she started. She probably wishes I had eaten two or three of the big cookies instead. I also realize that I had been stuck sitting in one place all day. Without getting my usual steps in the middle of the day I think my body was looking for endorphins.


On my drive home, after I had a giant iced tea to revive me, I got to thinking about what life is like for the people who are dependent on the Food Bank for food. If I turn into a raving bitch just a couple of hours after eating an actual meal I can only imagine what life is like for people who are truly hungry. Imagine what a single mother with two small children are like at four in the afternoon on a day when none of them have had enough to eat.


I’m sorry if I was short to the nice presenter, but it has given me a good reminder why fighting hunger is so important and has given me a kick to continue the fight, just not literally fighting with people who are doing good work.

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