Does Pain Equal Progress?



In a follow-up to yesterday’s deflowering at Pure Barre I think that the work out was working.  I woke up in the middle of the night to use the room all peri-menopausal women need to visit when we would rather be sleeping and could hardly get out of bed because my cheeks hurt so much.  No I had not been laughing uncontrollably in my sleep, it was the cheeks of a lower region.  After the initial double twinge at the bottom I noticed that my abs also were screaming out, just slightly softer than my backside.


I was able to drag myself to the bathroom where I am lucky enough to have a sink close enough to the thrown that I can hold on to it while lowering when I have taxed lesser used muscles.  Thank goodness the pain was not so bad as to keep me awake the rest of the night.  When I awoke at a good hour I lay still hoping that the rest had been enough to repair the pain I did not myself.  That was wishful thinking.


I have spent the day walking and have gotten about halfway back to normal.  I can at least use a public restroom without screaming out uncontrollably.  I am thankful not to have caused Mall security to have to visit me at the Nordstrom’s ladies lounge.

Now my butt and abs have equalized in pain and when I take very deep breaths and expand my lungs my stomach muscles make that ‘What the hell are you doing?” face at me.


My thought is that if I have taxed myself to the degree of pain it has got to be good for me, No pain no gain right?  I have not pulled anything.  It is not that kind of pain.  What I have learned over the years of having “Trainers” is that repeating the workout, or the hair of the dog, will help alleviate the hurt.  Under that premise I will return to Pure Barre tomorrow afternoon.


I know that adding different types of torture, as my friend Sara calls it, is the best way to keep my body from becoming complacent and adjusting to the level of activity it is getting.  Someday and I hope it is someday soon, I am going to be able to try a new form of torture and not have it compromise my ability to do everyday bodily functions.  Until then it seems like I am in need of these exercises.

One Comment on “Does Pain Equal Progress?”

  1. Catherine says:

    Exercise is awesome. Good for you! For me, I’ve learned that pushing it to far, to hard, I ultimately defeated my purposes and paid dearly for my efforts several days. You’ll know when to much is exactly to much! 🙂

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