Turkey Day Calorie Math



On Thanksgiving I ate one helping of the regular kind of turkey day stuff, carrots, sweet potatoes, turkey, stuffing, gravy, green beans and half of a dessert.  The next day the scale was up one pound.  Certainly the salt in the food I ate helped retain enough water to makeup that weight gain because I in no way ate 3,500 extra calories in that one meal.


It took the next three days of nun like eating to rid myself of that one Thanksgiving meal.  Was that celebratory meal worth it?  Probably not, but depriving myself the next three days was worth getting back on center since the eating season has started.


The only way I can last through the parties and eating reverie that is planned for the last month of the year is to actively and dramatically cut back on all consumption and not give into the carb fest that is the Christmas holiday season.  The one meal of Thanksgiving is proof that my body loves those calories so much that when it gets hold of them they holds on tight.


There are no BLT’s in the month of December for me – and no I’m not talking about a tasty Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich.  BLT’s are bites, licks and tastes.  Just a bit of Christmas cookie, or sip of eggnog are the calories that stick hard to me.  Using Thanksgiving as a guide if I let myself eat one holiday meal at every party I am invited to it will take me over three months of near starvation and constant working out to just get back to where I am now.


But I don’t want to miss a party, or hide away from all the fun just because it is filled with dangerous food.  No, I will go head long into the celebration, but I will go armed and ready.  If you have invited me to your home please don’t be offended if I pass on your delicious fare.  I know others will love it.  I instead will enjoy seeing you and visiting with friends.  My happiness is not dependent on eating something yummy.  My happiness is also not dependent on my scale, but staying the course certainly will not add stress to my life.


Goodbye to Thanksgiving and hello to Christmas.  I know we can be good friends and have a healthy holiday season.

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