The Tighter The Better



Sometime this week while I was getting dressed the TV was on and I saw a segment on some morning show talking about what women should wear to Thanksgiving dinner.  It was not really a fashion segment as much as it was a comfort segment.


The TV hosts was promoting the wearing of clothes that give and stretch so that the woman could eat as much as possible and not feel like a sausage in too tight a casing.  Jeans, belts, tights and of course Spanx were declared Turkey day no-no’s.  Leggings, empire waist dresses and flowy maxi dresses made the what-to-wear list.


I am sorry I do not have a TV show to counter the shows opinion.  At least I have this blog.  Thanksgiving has the potential to be the most gluttonous day of an already eat-big American mentality.  Sure it is a day steeped in food tradition.  Yes, I do begin to crave Thanksgiving staples of stuffing and pecan pie a month before the holiday, but we don’t need to eat so much that our regular clothes might prevent us from enjoying our meal.


I say wear the tight clothes, the belt, the shape wear.  Be reminded by something that you don’t need to go back to the buffet a second or third time.  One visit with one plate of all the foods you love should suffice.  One dessert, or maybe two bites of two different pies is plenty.  Once you have had a taste, over doing it will not make it taste better.


If you wear a muumuu, perhaps without any underpants then nothing is going to trigger the its-time-to-stop-eating uncomfortable feeling until you have distended your stomach to dangerous levels.


I say wear the tight clothes to Thanksgiving.  A big belt you can’t loosen is a good idea.  Spanx, perhaps even the full body shaper is a definite yes on the day devoted to eating.  Being a little confined could easily cut your calorie consumption in half.  Yes it could be painful at the table, but better that tightness for a few hours and prevent all your regular clothes being too tight the whole month of December from the weight you gained at one Thanksgiving meal.


I’m actually considering not just wearing tight clothes but also some hobbling device, which would prevent me from being able to get up and walk back to the serving table.  I figure with enough painful contraptions as I can make I might create some physiological dislike for Turkey day food.

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