Don’t Watch Me On TV Tomorrow

Since everyone I know has something more fun, entertaining or exciting to do tomorrow morning, or you have a child in a swim meet, horse show, basket ball or lacrosse tournament you will not be watching TV at nine in the morning.  That being the case I want to tell you now what you are going to be missing.  The Streets at Southpoint is hosting the Stop Summer Hunger day at the mall.


I will be appearing on ABC-11 between nine and ten to encourage people coming to the mall to bring non-perishable food and drop it off at The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina’s truck parked by Champs.  You do not even have to get out of your car because there will be nice volunteers who will take the food from you.


Summer is a hard time for many families whose children get fed at school.  That regular meal at school is greatly missed by many children.  Please help the Food Bank feed those kids during this campaign.


If you don’t have food in your pantry you would like to give away don’t go to the store and buy it for us.  Just drive through and donate money.  One dollar given to the Food Bank can be turned into five meals.  If that swim meet is really long you can go online to and donate online.


If you happen to be free and want to come donate food and photo bomb me on TV please do.  I would love to see your smiling face while I am talking to Anthony Wilson with the camera rolling on live TV.  Come early because I can’t hang out since my child has a horse show too.  So miss me on TV because now you have heard the message about helping feed kids this summer.

One Comment on “Don’t Watch Me On TV Tomorrow”

  1. Anna Ho says:

    A celebrity among us!! Go Dana!

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