Body Opposites

Today is my dearest college friend Suzanne’s birthday!  She is Carter’s Godmother, and we were each other’s maid and matron of honor at out weddings.  It is hard for me to believe that we have known each other almost twice as long as we have not known each other.


In our decades long friendship one thing has remained the same.  While my body has changed multiple times, Suzanne’s has not.  More of the time than not we would have what be what I call “Body opposites.”  Suzanne is very tall and perfectly thin.  I am neither.  People often mistake me for being tall, but I correct them by saying I am just loud and thus appear taller than I am.


When Suzanne and I were in college she used to describe our bras as a fruit cup and a salad bowl. That has not changed; although I think now the better description might be a fruit cup and a salad spinner since my boobs can take any shape they are molded into, except for bowl shape.


Suzanne loves food, a common interest we share, but somehow she is able not to overeat or gain weight.  The only time I can think of her being concerned with her weight was sometime after the birth of her third child.  She told me she asked a doctor what might possibly be going wrong and after a few probing questions the doctor discovered that Suzanne was eating her cereal out of a bowl that held three or four servings.  Soon after that realization Suzanne was down the few pounds that the cereal had left her with.


Suzanne is an adventurous eater.   One of her favorite things to do is make a sandwich out of all the leftovers in the refrigerator.  “A meal between two pieces of bread.”  One of the best habits she has is that she always washes fruit when she brings it home from the store and keeps what is not perishable on her kitchen counter so when someone in her house is hungry the fruit is the first thing they see.  I have happily snacked on more than a few grapes while cooking in her kitchen.


One thing that is wonderful about being Suzanne’s friend is that no matter where I am on my weight continuum she is never judgmental and is always supportive. That is a great sign of a true friend, one who loves you just the way you are.  So today, on her day I would like to thank her for all the fabulous years we have spent together.  We may be body opposites but I will always consider us hearts alike.

One Comment on “Body Opposites”

  1. Suzanne Worden says:

    Thank you for giving me the best birthday present ever! I love you and your size 18 heart so, so, so much. What a blessing to have you as my life-long friend!

    Big hug,


    P. S. My mom gave me those cereal bowls and in keeping in the Mary Worden spirit, I still have them!

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