Winning the Lottery Won’t Make You Any Thinner



While everyone was busy eating turkey and camping our overnight in front of big box stores no one noticed that the Powerball Lottery had gotten up to $325 million.  That is because most of the people who are willing to fight for a cheep flat screen TV at Wal-Mart at one in the morning are the same people who regularly buy lottery tickets.  That means that Wednesday’s lottery payout is already up to $450 MILLION and now that the media has drawn attention to it being the biggest lottery in history it will probably get even bigger because even people with advanced degrees and all their important teeth go out and buy lottery tickets when the jackpot gets to be ridiculously huge.


I am not one of those people, although I have all my teeth.  First of all, I only play games where using your brain helps you win, granted I play a lot of those.  But for a one in 175 million odds to win I don’t see any reason to give my money away.  The real reason I won’t play the lottery is that I might win and I can think of no better way to ruin your life than to come into an obscene amount of money for which you basically did nothing to earn it.


The downside is so much greater than the upside.  First everyone you ever met would want you to give them some money and no matter how much you gave them they would say it was not enough since you got to keep like $275 million after taxes.  You would never know if anyone liked you for yourself or just wanted you to like them enough to give them some money.  Even though I love the friends I have now I also like to make some new friends and that would just have to stop.


Second managing all that money is a full time job and not really the job I want.  Granted I could make some big difference in the world like helping end hunger, but that is another full time job.  All that money comes with too many jobs.


Third, it would ruin my child’s life.  I know or knew too many rich kids who never had a reason to work and ended up miserable or dead at a young age.


Lastly, winning the lottery would not help me get any thinner.  Yes, I could go live at a spa until I reached my goal weight, but not really since all that money came with all that work of managing it.  I could not continue to grow my own healthy food for fear of being kidnapped while out in the garden.


So I think the old saying “You can’t be too rich or too thin” just is not true, especially for me.  I think winning the lottery is just a recipe for unhappiness and obesity.

One Comment on “Winning the Lottery Won’t Make You Any Thinner”

  1. Divermomma says:

    But I would help you manage it!! lol

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