God’s Gift

Everyone I know is busy. I was talking to my friend who has two girls out of college and both employed and one in college, and I was complaining that she had not been at Mah Jongg.  She looked at me with a you-are-never-going-to-believe-this look in her eye and said, “I know, I am busier than ever.  I want to play Mah Jongg, but I have so much going on.”

What is happening in the world that we all keep getting busier and busier, but yet the world is not really improving that much?  I am no better, just today I had one phone interview, four meetings in various places around town, a blog, three letters of recommendations, one report and 42 e-mails to write, so far and a dog who lies next to me, head on my lap top wishing I were throwing her the ball.  All of this and no one is paying me a cent to do any of it.  Shouldn’t I throw the ball first because my dog gives me the best payback for my investment?

The only one I see in my world who is not busy is my dog, but she is the happiest being I know.  I think that when she leans on the key board and inadvertently pushes the caps lock she is sending me a message to stop typing and give her a snuggle.  She is yet to type out an actual request, perhaps for lamb and rice rather than chicken, but I would not be surprised if she had one she wanted to convey.

I am working on actually being productive and not just busy without the productive stuff being things like laundry or a clean house.  But I not only want to be productive, but I want to have fun and bring joy to my world.  In other words, I want to be more like my dog who is always happy to greet another being whether two of four legged, rejoices in an embrace and brings a smile to all who meet her.

My dog is not busy, yet she is productive if in no other way to make everyone in our house spend time outside and show affection everyday.  It’s an old thought, but dog spelled backwards does spell god.  I think of our dog as god’s gift to us and a reminder to slow down and play a little everyday.

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