Happy Birthday Russ!

Today is my husband’s birthday.  So if you know him and see him somewhere wish him a happy birthday.  Now I can’t promise that he will know you, at least he might not know your name although he is getting fairly good at pretending he knows your face.

Once he came home from the grocery store and was quite excited to tell me that he had seen my friend Jean at the Harris Teeter and told me he said “Hi” to her.  I was so proud of him, not only because he recognized Jean who had just had us to her lake house, but also because he actually spoke to her.  My pride bubble was quickly burst when the phone rang two minutes later and my friend Carol said, “I just saw Russ at the grocery store and he called me Jean.”

Please don’t be offended that I did not invite you to a big birthday party for Russ.  His idea of a great birthday is to have two other guys come over to our house, each with their own reading material.  They go into separate rooms and read for a while and at some point gather in the kitchen to get a drink, tell each other something interesting that they read and go back to their own rooms.

We are not even celebrating that way this year since Russ has a work meeting and dinner tonight.  At least he will have a meal he enjoys without any guilt that I cannot share in the same fattening goodies.  For his home celebration Carter is making him his favorite apple pie and I will have some baked apples in solidarity.

So I would like to raise a virtual glass to my wonderful husband who makes everyday with him a joy.  His constant support and promotion of me is unmatched.  I wish that I were half as good a wife as he is a husband and father. Happy Birthday Russ Lange, you are the best!

One Comment on “Happy Birthday Russ!”

  1. janet.carter@reactionretail.com says:

    Sister d…this is hysterical….please give russ a hug from me and wish him happy bday

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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